Thursday, March 25, 2010

This blog is a demo for classroom purposes.

Above are the wonderful talented gals I teach.

Tonight we discussed creating a blog and how it works. We talked about uploading photos and links. Here is a link to my blog click here.
Excuse the "It's all about the teacher" group photo. This quick pic. was done with photo booth during class Thursday. You'll find Photo booth in applications. If you have a computer that can take a picture it's great!
(Notice the variety of text colors and sizes you can make)
I'm fooling around with the header. I took a piece of art that I loaded into Iphoto and put it on my desk top. Then went to"add an Image" under customize, up comes a box that askes you where you will find your image so you hit "browser" and select the image you just put on your desk top. Blogger is very easy and self explanatory.

I'll add your portfolio requirements here for something to add to this practice blog:


Children’s Book Illustration Certificate Office of Continuing Education

Information And Guidelines

A final portfolio review of each certificate candidate’s work is required for completion of the program. A candidate whose portfolio is below standards may be required to supplement skills or repeat a course before receiving a certificate. Guidelines for preparing the final portfolio are listed below. Your portfolio should present your best work, demonstrate skills and knowledge learned from the course work in your certificate program and display the beginnings of your personal direction. Please come prepared to discuss what you would do to create a portfolio appropriate to show to a Children’s Book publisher.

Type of portfolio: You should present two portfolios. The first should be color photocopies of the original pieces. The second should be the actual originals. A presentation book for the photocopies, with removable vinyl or acetate pages is preferred. It helps the presentation to flow smoothly, as if reading a book, and hides the back of the artwork. It also helps to prevent pages from being misplaced or damaged. Please do not include any unused pages.

Size: A maximum of 14”X17” is the best format for ease of viewing and handling.. A lap-top presentation is also a viable alternative.

Quantity: Minimum of 12 pieces. It is better to have a smaller number of strong pieces than a larger number of lesser quality.

Work Presented: This portfolio is a showcase of what you have done in the certificate program. You are being asked to show a variety of media and you may include different styles. The work should reflect the variety of your knowledge and skills. . Every piece that you include should be the best examples of your work. The following are guidelines:

• Include pieces that demonstrate techniques and subject matter that you are interested in
• Start with a strong piece to pull the viewer in, and end with a memorable piece
• Make sure to get good quality color copies. check them against originals to make sure color is accurate
• Work should reflect the variety of your knowledge and skills. Be sure to include pieces that demonstrate techniques and subject matter that you’re interested in
• Try to arrange horizontals and verticals in groups so that the viewer does not need to turn the book frequently
• You will also need to include at least one example of an illustration layout that includes type
• All work should indicate what medium/media was used on the backs of the images.

Drop off of Portfolio
We ask that you leave the portfolio with the photocopied work at in the CE office one week prior to the scheduled Portfolio review date detailed in the attached letter.
The second portfolio need not be as formal or organized, and should have
original art. You can either wait to bring it with you for the review, or
leave it with the other portfolio at the CE office. It's main purpose is for the
reviewers to see how well your work is reproduced, and to have an idea what sorts
of things you have chosen or left out.

Work To Be Possibly Included In Portfolio:

1) At least one series (between 2-3 images) of illustrations that demonstrate narrative skills: showing the same character taken through sequential action and demonstrating consistent style, use of media and characterization

2) At least one piece with an animal character

3) Work that shows ability to draw children—especially multi-cultural children—a must in today’s portfolios

4) At least one piece with text to demonstrate your ability to integrate text and art. Text may be on an overlay, or integrated using computer technology.

5) OPTIONAL: Storyboard or Dummy—If included, have it at the back of the portfolio, so that you can take it out and handle it easily. Make sure it is properly formatted, has readability and includes front matter.

6) OPTIONAL: Black and White illustrations

7) Postcard-type promotional piece.**Business card optional

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